In 1977 I enlisted in the Missouri Air National Guard with intentions on serving my country for 6 years and gaining valuable work experience for future job opportunities. After attending basic training and a year of home station active duty, I was hired as a full time Air Guard technician and assigned to work in base operations as an aircraft dispatcher at St. Louis – Lambert IAP.

After my 6-year enlistment obligation, I decided to extend my career in the Air Guard and I worked in various positions which included flight management, command & control, and airfield management. I deployed with the 131St FW to various locations around the world to include Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Iceland, and Israel. I was promoted to Chief Master Sergeant in 1999 and was honored to serve for a total of 31 years.

I develop lasting friendships with the wonderful members of the Missouri Air Guard throughout the years and retired honorably in 2008.

I will always remember the moment I removed my boots for the last time. My thoughts were with all of the men and women that served. Some were not able to retire their boots and box them up for safe keeping as I did. For their sacrifice I will always be grateful and honored to have served and shared a membership with them in the U.S. military.

I was inspired to study aircraft and become associated with aviation after my first airline flight. I started drawing aircraft at the age of 13 and my interest grew as I started collecting aviation books, publications and photographs. 1 started drawing aircraft as a hobby and over the years that hobby grew into a small business as I was commissioned to draw different types of aircraft for pilots, mechanics and people who admired my work.

I have drawn all types of aircraft to include military, commercial, corporate private and spacecraft. I’m inspired to share my skills and provide vivid, detailed, photo-like drawings for enthusiast that have a true passion for special aviation memories and want to frame those memories for a lifetime.

As an aviation artist, I enjoy the challenge of applying pencil to canvas and making it come to life by capturing the beauty and power of all types of aircraft in various postures. My motto is “If can Fly, I can draw it.”

I am honored to have my art displayed at the St. Charles County Veterans Museum and I hope to one day be accepted and recognized as an artist in American Society of Aviation Artist.

Keith Brown CMSgt (Retired)
 131St Fighter Wing

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